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Uriage's Feedback on Technical Support Provided by ALP Group

Uriage's Feedback on Technical Support Provided by ALP Group

Дата отзыва: 24.01.2018

Uriage is an international company specializing in the production of the highest quality cosmetic products. All products (thermal water, skin care products, etc.) are unique, as their use guarantees the effectiveness and complete absence of allergic reactions (in accordance with the principle of "active hypoallergenicity"). The Company's products are shipped to more than 70 countries every day.

 Prerequisites for choosing an IT partner

Uriage offers products that fully comply with the highest standards of the pharmaceutical industry: сcompany’s plants strictly observe all the requirements for the purity of air and raw materials and guarantee continuous microbiological control. As for the Russian office of our company, which was opened in 2017 in Moscow, it is equally important to ensure compliance with the business and technological standards of the parent company.

Therefore, when choosing an IT contractor, we took into account, first of all, the ability of the service company to operate within the framework of approved international standards. In addition, the ability to quickly and correctly replicate the best international practices is also very important — for example, when the client company ensures new employees onboarding and equips workstations, or when it creates a common information and telecommunication workspace for various teams. ALP Group meets all these requirements. 

Works that were conducted

During almost a year of cooperation, ALP Group implemented several large-scale IT projects for us. Here are some examples:

  • Opening of Uriage's office in Moscow. Fast and efficient commissioning of user workstations and transferring maintenance tasks to service technicians. Arrangement and coordination of Uriage's relations with telephony and Internet service providers. Centralized technical support (quick and easy solution of any IT incidents and problems associated with office applications, bank-client system, office equipment, etc.). Carrying out mini-trainings for Uriage employees on using IT.
  • Rapid standardization of IT. Standardization of the сcompany’s equipment and approaches to its maintenance. Selection of priority technology brands (the best ones in terms of quality and price ratio) for Uriage — HP, Samsung, UBNT. Purchase and delivery of necessary equipment in the shortest possible time. Creating a unified corporate image based on a modern solution from Microsoft — Windows 10x64 Enterprise and MS Office 2013. Testing and optimization of all Uriage's international services for the new operating system to ensure the secure and high-quality workflow for users.
  • Setting up office telephony services. Creating rules for incoming and outgoing calls, recording voice greetings (IVR), creating short extension numbers for users, installing easy-to-use and modern phones with touch screens.
  • Establishment of comprehensive cooperation with the international IT team. Deployment of a single, transparent, and measurable process of working with IT that is necessary to support the core activities of Uriage's employees. This is also necessary from the point of view of organizing effective interaction of all parties responsible for the use of technology in the с

Results of cooperation from the Customer's point of view

  • Quick start for the Moscow office in full compliance with the planned deadline.
  • Modern workstations. Equipment that was tested according to the MIL-810G standard and that is protected against accidental damage, ingress of moisture, etc.
  • Reduction of costs for the purchase and maintenance of equipment and telephony services.
  • More efficient IT services for users through the use of ALP Group standards.
  • Coordination of work with global IT department, service providers and other contractors, outsourcing the non-core technological and organizational tasks of the client company.
  • Providing professional technical support to quickly solve any IT problem in full accordance with the SLA and eliminate the possibility of re-occurrence of such problems in the future.


Establishment of the Russian branch is a very important milestone for our company. Moreover, after the launch of operations, we could not afford even a brief interruption of communications with numerous customers. The main means of communication for us are the Internet and e-mail. Alexander Glazunov was responsible for the implementation of the project and the quality of all the services provided by ALP Group, and it was a great luck for us as a customer. Alexander scrupulously "debugged every procedure" and made sure that everything worked flawlessly from the very beginning. At the same time, in March 2017, even before the opening of the office, he was constantly in touch with colleagues from France and ensured a lot of complex approvals. Alexander easily coped with all the tasks. In April, when we hired new employees, Alexander responded very sensitively and timely to all requests related to IT. He paid close attention and provided an individual approach to each employee, thus facilitating the rapid inclusion of our new professional into existing workflows.

We want to express our great gratitude to Alexander for his impeccable work!

Commercial and Marketing Director
Aroutiounian Nellia

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